Working with People

I am all about what the people want when it comes to my work. I want to make sure the client is happy with the pictures I take. I open to hearing about their ideas and the style of pictures they want. I do love taking pictures of animals that is what I can do for you too.  All the pictures even the ones of me are all edited by me to show you my editing style. I love capturing the moments and memories of others its important to me. I want to bring out the best features when shooting with people. 




$50/ Three edited photos

$100-$4,000/Edited photos 

$350-$1000/All pictures for sale
$100-$1000/Print Aluminun or Canvas

(Location and editing style the prices varies)


12998392_10206225787699166_5324318308607128795_o (1).jpg

"You are fantastic! 

I want you to take more pictures of my daughter and I. Thanks pretty!”

— Amanda Shepard (Model, Seattle)

"You are made of many talents. 

You are a very talented photographer and I am so glad to work with you.”

— Tawny Noelle (Seattle, Miss Washington United States 2017)

"I love your work.

Its been a while since I have seen a good photo of me. I appreciate you.”

— Dr. Cody Johnson (Dallas, Texas) 


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