My name is Lenisa Ann Careaga and I am an old soul that uses humor and laughter to see the brighter side of life. One of my many passion is helping people use creative outlets to grow emotionally and physically. I started a business called Lenisa Love where I help with mindful eating, motivation to exercise, blog about mindfulness activities, and create self-love art and photography. I sell my art and creative work or can create something for others.  In addition, I get involved with my community to donate my time to help organizations to create powerful memories, images and joyful experiences that impact the lives that their institution touches. I am also a model and actress signed with the The Campbell Agency in Texas! And with being in the modeling industry for so long I am a model instructor at the Bella Modeling School. Teaching women of all ages about different types of modeling and most of all having confidence.  I enjoy the work I do and when I am not working I am active at the gym, dancing, or creating art.

Embracing my creative side has been a big part personal growth as well as self-healing in my life. I am passionate about a lot of different things and one of those are helping women overcome domestic violence because I am a survivor of domestic violence. It took me years to become the strong woman I am today. I've always help Runway to Freedom which is a non-profit which raises awareness about domestic violence as well as supports families and animals that have been affected by domestic violence. The organization helps to raise money through fashion charity events that is then given to Mary’s Place in Seattle. They provide counseling services, an apprentice program to become hair stylist at a high-end salon, help find shelters for survivors and empower the victims by educating them on how to develop necessary skills to live a safe and successful life.  Runway to Freedom gave me the courage to share my story as a healing tool for others. I want to show others that they are capable of anything and that they are here on Earth for a reason.

I am also very passionate about environmental issues mostly that relates to the ocean. I have a deep love for the ocean and its sea life. I like to read on what is going on with the Earth and share my creative art that relates to it as a act of awareness. I am influencer for 4Ocean which is a business where people travel coastline to coastline collecting trash from the ocean and sorting it through. They make bracelets out of the recycle trash and sell them to people who want to make a difference. Buying one bracelet removes one pound of trash from the ocean! Its a beautiful thing I have learned and I am excited to blog more about it for their website! Its important to me to help educate others on what is going on with the effects we have on Earth and protect endanger species. Animals and nature has always been really important to me since I was a little girl. I want to do what I can and put all my efforts into the bigger picture. I do believe if we do work together we can save the ocean.